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When you feel personally attacked by a water bottle organizer.


A two-tiered organizer you can spin around to reach all of the spices and condiments that end up shoved to the back of your cabinet.


Promising review: “This product is so versatile, I had trouble picking where I wanted to use it! I ended up using it for my spices, and couldn’t be happier. I may need another for organizing craft paints.” —Sillygose

Price: $19.99


A hanging shelf that slides right over your cabinet doors so you have easy access to cleaning products, heat tools, or anything else you want to grab without rummaging around under your sink.


Promising review: “I love this over the cabinet door caddy. I noticed that I didn’t have enough space inside the cabinet, so I decided to put it on the outside. You can fit an incredible amount of stuff in here. For me, I use it to hold hot tools and can fit three different curlers and a straightener and a small comb. It’s also very well made and durable. I feel like if I overfilled it, it would still hold up. If you’re running out of counter space, I recommend this! It would also be great for college students who share bathroom counter spaces and want to reduce the clutter.” —Aliza

Price: $10


A set of 10 cascading hangers to practically double your closet space, because hanging up your clean laundry shouldn’t be a stressful experience.


Promising review: “This is AMAZING! I recently moved into a studio with very small closet space and this allowed me to hang all of my work and winter clothes. Highly recommend even if you have decent closet space but have a lot of clothes and looking for some organization or to maximize your space.” —TJ

Price: $14.99


A customizable shelf that will help you make the most out of that awkward space under your sink. The shelf panels are fully adjustable, so you can easily fit it around your sink’s pipes.


Promising review: “Really cute and easy to put together! We live in an old house with no storage so I had to get creative with our bath towels. This expandable shelf fit perfect under our bathroom vanity!” —Taylor

Price: $30 (available in three colors).


A nifty storage stand to corral the unruly collection of water bottles you’ve somehow accumulated over the years. (At least two topple out of my cup cabinet every time I open it.) It’s also perfect for storing any wine bottles you somehow haven’t gotten around to opening yet.


Promising review: “This water bottle organizer was just what my family needed! Between the three of us, we have a TON of water bottles in the house. They definitely take up a lot of space and we don’t have room for all of them in the cabinet. This organizer is perfect and really helps us stay organized!” —Cobainian

Price: $14.39


A helpful fridge bin with adjustable inserts so you can organize all of your condiments and salad dressings instead of scattering them all over your shelves. It even has little wheels at the back so you can easily roll it back and forth.


Promising review: “After receiving one as a gift, I realized I could benefit from a second caddy. No longer am I reaching for that bottle at the back of the fridge while knocking down other bottles. This also keeps everything grouped together instead of being spread out like that amusement park coin drop game.” —Snouzer72

Price: $14.99


A slide-out drawer that will not only add some organization to your bottom cabinets, but also glides right out so you can actually see what you put in there in the first place.


Promising review: “Very sturdy and slides very well, even with a good amount of weight on them. Very pleased!” —Happy Online Shopper

Price: $49.49


Promising review: “So easy to install and exactly what I needed to organize my cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.” —Babybluejess

Price: $25 (available in three colors).


A chic makeup organizer with three spacious drawers and a removable mirror, so it’s basically your own personal mini vanity.


Promising review: “I wanted something to go on top of my counter that I could put my daily routine pre-makeup and makeup in to get the clutter off the countertop. While it is small, it actually held quite a bit of stuff, so it worked great for me.” —Sher

Price: $24.99


A sleek sink organizer because your toothbrush deserves its own special throne. There’s even a small bonus shelf to hold all the toiletries that are currently scattered all over your sink right now.


Promising review: “I absolutely love this! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something big enough to hold our toothpaste and toothbrushes as well as some odds and ends. I am so glad I bought this. It’s perfect! Nice quality and easy to clean too.” —Barb

Price: $12.99


An adjustable rack that will neatly store your pans, muffin tins and pie trays so you can quickly grab what you need and get your bake on.


Promising review: “This rack is perfect for storing pot/pan lids, as well as small baking sheets. My cabinets have that annoying half shelf that is placed too low to put anything under it and too high to comfortably reach stacked pots/pans or lids on it. This rack solved that issue. Two of them fit nicely on the shelf and in the cabinet. Now the lids and sheets are organized and comfortable to get in/out.” —Happy Customer

Price: $19.99


A hair dryer caddy that hangs right over your sink’s cabinet or bathroom door, because there’s nothing worse than losing track of your hair dryer when you’re in a hurry.


Promising review: “Easy access to the hair dryer. To be honest, I only bought this because I hate bending over to find my hair dryer under the sink. This makes it easy to store and find. Makes my life very convenient.” —mochi

Price: $8


Or! This hair dryer holder with extra space for your heat protectant serums and those special attachments you always manage to lose.


Promising review: “Love this item! I have three of them. I use two of them in my bathrooms to store hand soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. I use one in my kitchen to store hand soap, dish detergent and brushes. Very functional for me.” —Denise

Price: $15.99


A lid holder caddy, because finding the matching top to your Tupperware container shouldn’t feel like an impossible task.


Promising review: “This little organizer works perfectly for my smallest size cabinets for keeping my lids organized and not falling all over me every time I open the door. Be aware it does not fit giant lid tops for oversized Tupperware but all other sizes fit.” —Anon

Price: $12.99


A set of shelves that easily hangs over your doors so you can double the precious storage space in your cabinets and closets. All my fellow small apartment dwellers, this is a must!


Promising review: “My first review EVER! This product is amazing! I truly recommend it, seriously changed the appearance of my pantry and most important the efficiency! I already bought another one for my linens closet!” —Liz

Price: $33.99


A bedside caddy so you can say goodbye to losing your phone, headphones, and remote in your sheets on those inevitable work-from-bed days.


A four-tiered storage rack that’s perfect for storing your go-to shoes and those expensive sweaters you don’t want to ruin with annoying hanger bumps.


Promising review: “This piece is great! I have it in my closet and instead of shoes, it holds extra pillows, blankets, and sheets for my bedroom. It was pretty easy to put together as well.” —CS

Price: $19.39


Promising review: “Love it! I specifically wanted a utensil organizer that had more narrower slots to where the flatware stays more put together, not spreading out everywhere. This does exactly that. Plenty of storage and love that it’s BPA free. Would def buy again.” —Reviewer

Price: $19.99


A water bottle holder that will convince you to remove them from their flimsy plastic wrapper and give them the special place in the fridge they deserve.


An adjustable three-tiered shelving unit that can hold basically any pantry item you can imagine, but it’s especially perfect for keeping your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and sandwich bags in one tidy place.


Promising review: “My cabinets are always a mess, things usually just seem to keep getting shoved in them. These storage compartments are great!! They make everything under my kitchen sink so much more organized. Now everything has a place and it’s nice and neat!” —Ktroeck24

Price: $19.99


A set of over-the-door hooks you can place in the bathroom to store your towels, or near your front door to hang your face masks and reusable shopping bags you always forget to bring.


Promising review: “This is a great storage solution for my small space. I was looking to maximize my small closet, and this has expanded my storage ability, and it looks great! It is strong enough to fill with winter jackets.” —mindroos

Price: $14.99 (available in two colors)


A set of freestanding bathroom shelves so you can stop storing your shampoo and body wash on the shower floor. If you have a small shower without a tub, this is the storage solution you’ve been looking for!


Promising review: “Like that you can put anywhere in the shower. I have it by the wall where the shower head is located because it’s a bit hidden by the toilet. It’s very spacious and great to organize instead of putting items on the shower floor.” —PunkyPinkie

Price: $26 (available in two colors)


A hanging storage unit with three deep shelves so you’ll have a perfect place for all your undershirts, scarves, socks, or anything else that simply doesn’t belong on a hanger.


Promising review: “I have three of these in different closets. They are amazing for storage space and organizing. Look very high end and are sturdier than another kind I have tried. I added white weave baskets to my closet with these and they make it look very organized and fancy.” —Nikki

Price: $10


A three-piece set of tiered shelves you can use in practically every room in your home. Keep all three pieces together to use it as a giant spice organizer, or split it up and place some in your bathroom to keep all your go-to skin care goodies in easy reach.


Promising review: “These work great for all my spices. I have wire pantry shelves and wanted to place the spices so I could see what I actually have. These work great and accommodated all my spices and I can see them all.” —Kemonly

Price: $19.99


An expandable spice organizer so you can actually see the massive collection of seasonings you forgot you even bought. It’s also perfect for adding some order to your chaotic medicine cabinet.

Spicy Shelf/Instagram, Target

Promising review: “I had so many spices that it was a mess and I was always afraid if I opened the door and pulled out the spice I need they would all fall out… (had one of those three-tiered things). This is perfect! They fit so nice and with the empty jar set I bought it’s more uniform and I know exactly what I have now. In the middle I had enough space to put a Lazy Susan where I keep those items/spices I use daily.” —Texahodian

Price: $19.99


A monitor stand that will not only raise your screen up to eye-level so you stop hunching over, but will also add a surprisingly spacious storage drawer underneath.


Promising review: “Love it. Perfect size and the drawer helps keep track of important stuff so it doesn’t get misplaced.” —JWin

Price: $17


A cube organizer so you’ll have six perfect spaces to contain your clutter instead of scattering it all over your bedroom.


And of course, don’t forget the storage cubes!

Promising review: “Exactly what I needed. I was looking for an inexpensive item to use as nightstands and these fit the bill perfectly. We just got an adjustable bed and a ‘normal’ nightstand is difficult to reach when we are in the upright position. This stand, turned sideways, allows me to reach different areas when the bed is in different positions. It is decent quality for the price, and of course I can add whatever storage squares I want to accent the room.” —Jaycee14

Price: $29 (available in four colors).


An over-the-door shoe organizer (with bonus shelves at the bottom!), because we’re all way too grown to have a giant pile of shoes on our floor.


Promising review: “Works great and is super functional. I like how it has a big pocket at the bottom, something you don’t find on a lot of other over the door organizers.” —TargetLover

Price: $10


Promising review: “I have multiple sizes of these dark global brown baskets and I am obsessed. they are super well made and have held up so well. I have larger size ones that I use for storing extra cords around the house and for pet toys. I have this medium size one under my tv console to hold odds and ends, and I have a smaller size with a lid to hold batteries, etc also under my tv console. I would totally buy more of these if I needed more storage in the future.” —Melinda

Price: $14


Promising review: “This is an awesome product! I have an open floor plan home and everything on my kitchen counter looked cluttered. I bought his dish tray, and what a difference! The low profile makes the counter look refined and it holds all of the dishes and glassware perfectly! The color and design are so rich looking. Best purchase ever!” —Debbie

Price: $49.99


And a can dispensing rack so you can ditch the cardboard packaging for something way more sleek and space-saving thanks to the sturdy lid on top.


Promising review: “Really enjoying the storage bins from this brand. This one saves soooo much space if you frequent canned beverages. It has small lips on the top of the lid that you can store additional cans on (or whatever you want).” —SM

Price: $11.99

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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